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Core Libraries
RudeCGI™ [RudeCGI C++ CGI Library]
  • Access to CGI form-data and cookies ¤
  • File Uploads
  • Use Path-Info for instant Search Engine Optimization
RudeConfig™ Logo [RudeConfig C++ Config/ini Library]
  • Read and Write Configuration/.ini files
  • A place to store your CGI application settings
RudeDatabase™ Logo [RudeDatabase C++ Database Library]
  • Use MySQL servers
  • Speed up your apps by taking advantage of database replication
RudeSession™ Logo [RudeSession C++ Session Library]
  • Persistance for your CGI users
  • Store session info in Config files or a MySQL database
RudeSocket™ Logo [RudeSocket C++ Socket Library]
  • Send email to SMTP ¤ servers
  • Talk to merchant gateways like ViaKlix or
  • Get real time shipping charges by talking to UPS Online Tools or USPS.
  • Supports SSL
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  • February 06, 2008
    RudeSocket is now a Fedora Updates Candidate
  • January 21, 2008
    Ported RudeSocket to Windows (Borland) with openssl support
  • January 17, 2008
    You can now yum install rudecgi and rudecgi-devel on Fedora 7 & 8
  • January 16, 2008
    rudecgi successfully moved from dist-fc7-updates-candidate to dist-fc7-updates
  • January 16, 2008
    rudecgi successfully moved from dist-fc8-updates-candidate to dist-fc8-updates