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What we're working on
  • Submitting rude::Config to Fedora Extras
  • Submitting rude::CGI to Fedora Extras
  • Submitting rude::Socket to Fedora Extras
  • Submitting rude::Database to Fedora Extras
  • Submitting rude::Session to Fedora Extras
  • Bringing the rude::Socket section up to date
  • Porting rude::Socket to windows with SSL support
  • Bringing the rude:Database section up to date
  • Converting our website to xHTML Strict Version 1.0
  • Improving the usability and accessability of our website
  • Adding a discussion forum for the libraries
  • Writing more tutorials and examples
  • Improving our current tutorials
  • Adding the rude::Wordlet Library to the site
  • Adding the rude::RBAC library to the site
  • Adding the rude::SMTP library to the site
  • Adding the rude::Platform library to the site
  • Adding the rude::Server CGI binary
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