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RudeCGI™ Open Source C++ CGI Library

Version 5.1.0


The RudeCGI™ C++ CGI Parser library is used for accessing HTTP form data, path info, and cookie data from CGI applications. In addition to normal GET and POST data, the component supports file uploads (multipart/form-data), and simple xml content types (text/xml) - allowing easy use with xml based clients such as Flash applications. Furthermore, the component supports path-mapping, allowing information to be specified without identifying keywords. In addition to normal CGI operation, if the component detects that it is not in a web-environment, it provides an interactive console dialog to let you supply formdata in real-time as the application requests it. The component does not parse the environment until the application first accesses the instance object. As such, no parsing overhead will occur if the application does not explicitly access the component.

RudeCGI is available under the GPL (Gnu Public License).


  • Supports file uploads
  • Like all RudeServer Libraries: easy to use
  • Supports /path=data/ in addition to normal query strings for instant Search Engine Optimization
  • Singleton Design makes it available on-demand throughout your application
  • Interactive command line interface when used outside of CGI environment
  • Open Source and Free
  • Platform Independent Interface