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RudeConfig™ Open Source C++ Config File Library

Version 5.0.5

Compiling/Linking your C++ application

Linux i386 (eg. RedHat)

>g++ someprogram.cpp /usr/lib/rudeconfig.lib

OR (to link to dynamic library)

>g++ someprogram.cpp /usr/lib/

Borland Bcc32 (command line)

>bcc32 someprogram.cpp rudeconfig.lib **

Borland CBuilder5 (GUI)

In order to compile programs that use the config library, you need to add the library to the project.

  1. From the Project menu, select "Add to Project..." (Figure 1)
  2. In the Add to Project Dialog, set the "Files of Type" selection to Library File (.lib) (Figure 2)
  3. Navigate to the directory where the rudeconfig libraries are located* (Figure 3)
  4. Select rudeconfig-cb.lib (Figure 4)**
  5. Click the "Open" button to finish adding the file.
  6. Compile your program as usual (Figure 5)

* The location of the rudeconfig-cb.lib file depends on where you installed it. If you followed the installation instructions for borland, it will be in Borland's lib directory. If you used the Quick-N-Dirty installation, then the library file is probably in the same directory as your program's source code.
** rudeconfig.lib is used when compiling from the command line, rudeconfig-cb.lib is used when using CBuilder's GUI interface.

figure 1

Figure 1


figure 2

Figure 2


figure 3

Figure 3


figure 4

Figure 4


figure 5

Figure 5

Visual Studio 6 (C++)

  • Include the header file as shown below:

#include <rude/config.h>

  • To link to the library, you will need to add the library to project:
  1. From the Project menu, select "Settings" (Figure 6)
  2. In the Settings Dialogue, Select the link tab, then select the "General" category (Figure 7)
  3. Add "rudeconfig.lib" to the list of Object/Library modules (Figure 8)
  4. You may need to do this for both the release and the debug configuration

Figure 6

Figure 6


figure 7

Figure 7


figure 8

Figure 8